Providing What Is Needed For The New Age

You’ve certainly been taught the ‘normal way of life’ – a life where even anxiety is normal, and just like that, you molded yourself to the environment around you. The expectations, the rules, the roles, and all the pressure.

What we do is strip away all the junk, all the disempowering beliefs, all the memories that we’ve gathered on our journey through life and re-discover who we truly are, our truest essence.
And what a (re)discovery!!

The Founding Team

Carla and Ghita , in their own individual journeys, happened to live transformational experiences. Those one, where you can never go back to becoming a regular human. The exploration is just starting, and part of it, is sharing their secrets with you…



She’s an entrepreneur, a speaker, a musician, a producer, and certainly much more. Carla has navigated herself through life, guiding herself to multiple successes and to an essential destination: herself.



Ghita has built two successful tech startups, raised multiple funds, coached hundreds of people, and she’s just starting. She was always curious about the nature of human beings and that led her to major breakthroughs and healings. Now she wants to share with the world her teaching.


The Power Of Community

Alone we wouldn’t have been able to create so much. It is only thanks to extraordinary people coming from all kinds of fields, from neurosciences to holistic healers, that we’re able to create such transformational tools and materials.